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 Fabian - Founder/Investigator/Technician/Editor and Chief

Fabian is a true professional.  His life was full of paranormal experiences which lead him on a journey to find answers to his own questions.  He has a lifetime of experiences and years of investigative experience to offer SCOR clients.  Fabian acts as the key technician and offers an array of media skills.  Fabian's desire is to help people who are experiencing activity and want answers and help.  He has assembled a strong team of friends and professionals that have embarked on a pursuit of paranormal understanding and client satisfaction.


Jane - Investigator and Gifted Spiritist

Jane is a key element of SCOR's success.  She has a keen ability to communicate with the other side during investigations.  Jane is naturally a very caring person but her abilities take SCOR clients to a place most paranormal teams only dream of.  That is...an intimate, sincere consultation to help the client rid themselves of the grief, their frightening experiences, and hopefully, leave SCOR clients with resolution and answers to their individual situation and experience.  She sincerely wants to help people understand why the things that are happening to them.  Most importantly, Jane delivers a high level of consistent confirmation of SCOR's EVP recordings and other investigative materials.  Having Jane on SCOR's staff offers an element of validity not offered by other investigative teams.

"It is difficult to state an exact time in my life that I realized I was communicating with another dimension of life.  There is, however, one specific incident with which I found I  could no longer deny that I was, in fact, communicating with others in this dimension in a form that most people do not communicate, as well as communicating with people on another dimension. My friend since childhood and his wife and children lived 600 miles from me at this time.  While he was in a coma, unbeknownst to me, my friend and I enjoyed the most beautiful day and intimate conversation that two platonic friends can have together.  Upon his awakening, we confirmed the conversations we had while he was in a coma were, in fact, conversations that both of us shared and remembered vividly. Previously, I mostly communicated messages from the other side to someone on this side which had content that only the recipient and the deceased had knowledge.  Further information I passed along were things such as impending dangers that were preventable if the parties involved were aware of the warning signs.  Driving on the freeway, I’ve had visions of things that are going on in the life of the persons in vehicles near me or nearby homes.  These visions are documented and verified by persons that have been with me at the time of happening and future newspaper articles verifying my exact visions of extreme happenings, such as murders, kidnappings, domestic violence, drug use, etc.  At this time I enjoy working with Spirit Catchers of Riverside.  I am also available for private readings and educational sessions.''








Sergio - Technician/Investigator/Cameraman

The youngest of our team and a natural at videography, he came into this as a curious but skeptic tech!  He believed if HE caught it on film, he would become a believer.  After capturing several disembodied voices on digital footage, Sergio is now more intrigued with the spirit world and can't wait for the next investigation!     



Bea - Investigator/Technical Assistant

Born and raised Roman Catholic, Bea was the last person to want to get involved with anything paranormal.  It wasn't until she spent several hours discussing this research with her local community Catholic Priest, that she began to understand that life after death has a much deeper meaning.  Through our investigations, Bea's personal experiences (and keen intuition) have widened her understanding and awareness of the spirit world.  She has since embraced becoming a paranormal investigator and is now convinced that spirits are all around us.                                                                        ______________________________________________________________

Gary - Investigator

Gary over-thinks everything!  That's why we like him on our team.  If it can be de-bunked, Gary will de-bunk it.  Gary entered into investigating paranormal activity as a complete skeptic.  Having been asked to participate in an investigation by SCOR's founder and long-time friend Fabian, Gary was party to hearing a clear and concise disembodied voice with his own ears on his FIRST investigation...he was hooked.  With less experience, Gary has a strong drive for understanding any and all paranormal activity, but has made it clear...no demonic entity stuff.  He will leave that to the experts...



SCOR is made up of a core group of five members with varying degrees of skills and knowledge in the paranormal.  They have a solid knowledge base in the hardware/software components used in many of their investigations. Moreover, their ability and knowledge to utilize the technical investigative gadgetry in a manner which best suits individual investigative scenarios.  They are well versed in the attraction, danger and awe of the paranormal and the unknown.  The spiritual side of their work is held in high esteem. 

SCOR is eager to address their client's desire for a deeper understanding of their individual situation.

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