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Welcome to SCOR's website.  This site is full of great information about the paranormal.  It also features SCOR investigation videos.  If you are not a believer, you just might be after peering through this site.

SCOR was founded by Fabian Larez, a resident of Riverside California.  His personal experiences guided him towards seeking answers about ghosts and paranormal activity.  Fabian only entrusted the closest of friends in his endeavor; a journey to find meaning to what many experience, but never talk about.

Spirit Catchers of Riverside is made up of experienced paranormal investigators which includes one very special supernatural communicator who is gifted in cognizant spirit awareness and communication.  The entire team has experienced personal encounters which enables them to identify paranormal activity, not only by their individual keen awareness, but as a team.  Each team member has a diverse curiosity of the paranormal and offer their own unique abilities and perspectives.  This is what makes SCOR so effective.

Here is the question: 

 "Is it Paranormal or simply Coincidence or Circumstance that makes you think..hmm what was that?"

SCOR can help answer that question and decipher your personal situation with professional investigative services.

 Got ghosts?  Let the SCOR team help.


SCOR’s services help identify whether your environment is actually experiencing paranormal phenomena.  This is achieved by the use of high-tech equipment along with direct communication with spirits supported by audio and video evidence.

SCOR provides more than investigation services that identify hauntings.  They help you come to terms with the reality of why you sought their services in the first place. 

You are not alone.  There are many people who experience the same thing you do

SCOR will identify the source of your concern, or curiosity, and help you understand what you are experiencing. The evidence SCOR gathers will almost certainly withstand the tests of time, peer review, and paranormal skepticism alike.

 SCOR's goal is to collect data and present it to you in a way you can understand; and to help you come to ultimate resolution that puts you, your family, business, or group at ease!

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